ARK6 Super Power 14-1          

Super Power 14-1
(stress negative)
Reg. #460610001

ARK4 Show Bone 106-6 x ARK1 Raw Power 13-4

Super Power has been one of the best additions to SAS in some time. Rickey thought he was the boar we needed because of the demand for wide based heavy boned sires. The only phrase we used to describe Super Power on the front cover of the 07 Spring SAS catalog was "The Widest Based Cobb Boar Ever!" Super Power has generated much discussion since that time in many circles. The feed back on his first crop of pigs has been nothing short of PHENONEMAL! Even the most discriminating breeders have been blown away with the quality of the first Super Power pigs. Super Power is well on his way to becoming the most dominating Yorkshire breeding boar of his generation. He sires extreme base width that is balanced and square. Super Power pigs are as wide at the top of their skeleton as they are at the base. He sires strong pasterned pigs that are correct in the angles of their blade and rear leg. Initially I felt that I should not write a lengthy description about Super Power - but after visiting Cobb's and seeing the number of tremendous litters he sired there and hearing all of the good reports from around the country. I simply could not resist. (One of the first Super Power barrows shown was Grand York and 3rd overall at the SW OK District Show).





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